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Seit Mai 2017 unterstütze ich in Essen die BA Industrial Solutions als Projektleiter im Client Infrastruktur Bereich. Ziel ist die Migration von weltweit ca. 22.000 Arbeitsplätzen auf Windows 10 und Office 2016.

Die Aufgaben beinhalten u.a.

  • Plan and steer all client image activities as team lead to serve one common goal based on common project management principles
  • Plan and steer the other sub-streams AD and Client Backend
  • Gather As-Is-Situation the context of client image in all independently working units/sites
  • Document Gaps the context of client image between as-is and to-be incl an effort estimation
  • Create data security and operating concept for the future Client Image service
  • Define overall future operating model for the Client Image service
  • Prepare decision on Smart Card introduction including an agreed service description (if necessary) and defined next steps
  • Document solution for privileged account requirements in all known scenarios (user scenarios requiring local admin, admin scenarios requiring local admin, etc.)
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